Inprime Marketing - маркетинговое агентсво полного цикла

Let's improve your marketing in 10 days!

We have effective results of working on a marketing strategy. Regular customers receive discounts up to 50%!

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Benefits of working with

inprime marketing, маркетинговое агентство в Ташкенте

Detailed analytics

Track your website's progress using built-in analytics tools. Google analytics, Yandex web master

тарегрированная реклама в ташкенте

Working directly with target audience

Together with you, we will find out your target audience, determine the gender and age of clients, and think over a long-term marketing strategy

маркетинговая компания в ташкенте

Quick results

After the first month of working with us, you will see the effectiveness of your marketing, as well as an increase in the recognition of your company

Increase conversion

The average conversion of our clients increases by 2-3 times! The main thing is that our team consists of impeccable specialists in their field!

Fast optimization for all indicators

We work with 12 regions of Uzbekistan

Personal SEO and advertising specialist

Ongoing technical support

You can see the dynamics of the conversion of our clients in the first month of work

Our superiority

Convenient management of reports and advertising budgets

Track your work progress in your personal account by monitoring specific indicators. You will know exactly how effective the promotion is.

Chat with technical support and personal manager

Technical specialists are always ready to help you along with your personal manager. Leave a request on the website or by phone. If you haven’t answered, we will 100% call you back – within 20 minutes!

A high-quality database for receiving applications, accessible to everyone

We have many directories in which we place a link to our website or company. Integrated marketing is a great opportunity to promote your business.

Our superiority

Primary SEO optimization

We will carry out internal optimization work and determine the frequency of queries on your topic

contextual advertising

We will set up advertising campaign goals, install counters, and generate keywords for Google & Yandex queries


Entering the largest marketplace in Uzbekistan. We have 2 years of experience working with commodity business in the Uzum marketplace.

Media planning

We will help you create creatives for targeted advertising in Google, Meta, Yandex

We work in different areas

B2B, B2C. We will create a high-quality website for future promotion

Let's set up a target

Do you need targeted advertising on Instagram/Facebook? - No problem!

Do you have any questions? We will answer!

Submit a request for a call back, and we will try to answer you within 15 minutes.

Qualified support staff

Consultation on all aspects of the company's work



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About company

We are a company

Customer Reviews

They perform their work with exceptional professionalism and at a generous price point

Alex Anarbayev


Они показали, что помимо Google и Instagram есть другие источники рекламы. В общем я доволен результатом, рекомендую



Ребята молодцы! Они классно сэкономили деньги, и у нас действительно получился заметный результат





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